4 November


Piyalepaşa Landscape Design

The landscape architect of the project and Lotus Landscape Planning Executive Partner Nilüfer Şentürk explains the concept and the story of the landscape design of the project: ‘We designed the landscape to serve the transformation of one of the oldest and most spectacular neighborhoods of İstanbul, Piyalepaşa. We intended to interpret the street structures, plantation patterns and architectural proportions and elements of the past in a modern touch to make a space compatible with modern life.

The project is designed as a new neighborhood by iki Design and sits on 82 thousand meter square of land encompassing residential as well as commercial areas, hotels and shopping street. ‘Piyalepaşa İstanbul’ will present the rich cultural background of an old neighborhood back into the modern life of the city. Piyalepaşa Realty, backed up by the power, the vision and the mision of the Polat brand, claimed the neighborhood and has come up with a human-oriented design respecting the environment, the history and the people of the neighborhood, aiming to take people out of closed shopping malls back to the street, to open-air and to nature.


Piyalepaşa was an Admiral in Chief at the Ottoman Empire and the neighborhood was originally close to the shipyard and the Ottoman fleet. This is why we made extensive use of naval themes in the landscape design believing that resurrecting the happy laughter of the sailors in the heyday of the empire would bring in a different energy to the project. Another inspiration was the local mosque with its original Ottoman tiles as well as its orchard. Kasımpaşa stream, an Ottoman recreation area, was the inspiration for the waterworks. Almost 48% of the project is composed of green area and each square meter has been handled with great care. We undertook extensive research on the plantation local to the neighborhood and used other plants typical to İstanbul’s history such as magnolia, redbud, wisteria and laurel. With its architecture, landscape design and lifestyle, Piyalepaşa is ready to be İstanbul’s new center of attraction.’



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