22 August


Our Landscape Philosophy


Landscape is a collaboration of nature, culture, and self-expression. At its finest, a garden is a manifestation of art that can be both lived in and enjoyed, while providing the necessities of modern living. Our gardens are inspired by a combination of experience and imagination, and they forge connections between people, architecture, and land. We exercise a modern aesthetic to create places of unique and simple beauty. We work with sustainable methods to create landscapes that will endure.


Landscapes are a visual expression of the continuum of time, and our work is an acknowledgement of past, present, and future. The stone and soil that underpin a landscape may be millions of years old, yet the plants that sustain them have only freshly emerged from a seed. Mature trees that have been rooted for hundreds of years help us to connect the past with the future in a singular place.


Connecting with time and place brings meaning to all aspects of our lives. In the design of gardens we strive to deepen the connection between people and their land. Respectful of architectural style and responsive to ecological context, our gardens are engaging, richly detailed backdrops for our clients’ lives and are expressions of how they live.


Water is a powerful force that reconnects us with nature and reminds us of the simplicity of the world as it is meant to be. The character of water changes depending on how it is contained and conveyed, either accentuating its power and energy or magnifying its stillness and serenity. As we work on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay, we take responsibility for the preservation of water quality through stewardship principals. In gardens, we celebrate water as a symbol of change, renewal, and mystery. It has the ability to serve as a mirror of our culture and a reminder of nature.

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