30 September


November Garden Where Melancholy Turns to Joy

The design story of the garden in Küçükyalı, İstanbul was featured in Ev Bahçe magazine in November 2010. We once more would like to share with you a summary of Begüm Nalbant’s article on the landscape design and execution by us with lovely photos by Bingül Sarıdoğan.

“Imagine a garden where the melancholy of the season dissolves thanks to its colors and where you are silently told to commit to life thanks to its energy and beauty. You will not get enough of looking at it just like we could not.”

“We hit the road to lighten our day on a slightly melancholic November day. Passing by the Küçükyalı beach, we inhale the smell of the sea. We are also paying attention to the road since we do not want to lose the way. Luckily it’s not as difficult to get there. We stand by the door of a large garden. That’s when we realize that the search for beauty within us never ceases. A feeling rather hard to explain… One can feel this every passing month. We are standing by this door super curious about what is awaiting us. The garden door designed by Lotus Peyzaj slowly opens and we get in rather timidly.”



“Here is the part of the garden facing the backstreet. But it’s actually the entrance. The moment we enter, we are greeted by our own reflections. We get confused at first as we do not realize that these are only reflections and not some other people. However, this is just a trick of the diagonally located mirrors that make this section look much bigger than it actually is. Everything comes in pairs. There is also a corner with a surprise. We can already hear you asking what this could be. It is the small ornamental pool to our right side with plants and ducks. As we proceed, monumental trees stand tall. A huge date palm is right in front of us. We are truly dazzled as we slowly continue our tour in the garden. Here we come across walkways made of slate. These walkways are narrow paths reaching out to every corner. Right in the middle, we see a short cedar and cannot stop ourselves from touching its leaves. It has such a perfect form that completes the design so artfully. Where we are is actually a growing circle. It’s not only the pine trees or the short cedar we just introduced to you that draws our attention. This big circle is surrounded by different plants. You name it! But it’s the Gauras with its pink flowers that impress us the most. It amazes us with the flowers on its thin and tall branches. To our right, there is a beatiful bougainvillaea. This flower blanketing the walls of the building used as a sports hall has a certain air to it. When we look at it from a distance, it looks no different than a painting. Also, we have to note that there is a small seating area to the right of the entrance garden.”



“We want to proceed to the other side of the garden from here. We have two options. We will either follow the narrow road that feels like a forest or take the wooden deck. We opt for the first and take the adventurous road. Tangled plants (including ornamental ones like those with fringes) look amazing. In the meantime, we also play around with Can, the loyal guardian of the house. We didn’t know that there was so much more to see.”


“This is the first impression that we get here. We like what we see through the leaves of the big banana tree. The pool that curves like a lake. It’s good that it’s not summer time, otherwise we would already be swimming in the pool by now. This was the main idea behind the design of the pool, that it looks compatible with the landscape and resembles a lake. So was the design by Lotus Peyzaj and the incredible scenery created. The banana tree on the left side of the pool makes us feel like we are in a tropical garden. The plants around its root are as interesting as it is and form a part of the whole design. But wait. We enter a dreamy path next to the banana tree. Bougainvillaea in different colors bloom from both sides of the path where there is a bench with two tables. They are located right under the shade of the pine trees. It must be delightful to sit here in the shade during summer. On the floor, there is a design made of wooden stocks. The plants look amazing, especially begonias in all different colors. But it’s the Gauras that look the most beatiful like those in the entrance area. Gauras amongst the other plants leave the impression of an English garden. This section is definitely the most striking part of the garden. The owners did a very good job at keeping the plants this healthy and beatiful.”



“We would spend hours here if we could. But it comes to a close and opens up into the wooden deck area. The most interesting feature of this part is a beatiful open kitchen. The kitchen is also in harmony with the garden and across from it there is a comfortable seating area. The garden has generally been used to accommodate a seating area in every corner. Here, it is located right across the swimming pool with cushions in relaxing pastel colours.”



“We follow the flower road by the side of the super comfortable seating area that is as colourful as the other section with begonias. They look so vibrant although it’s November. Once winter comes, they will be replaced by cyclamens and wild pansies. We continue the road and again there is a corner located in the middle of the plants with a dining table and chairs. Pink impatiens light up the garden while the area around the table is covered by green plants. Everything is so adorable here. The road takes us to the entrance garden where we realize that it’s actually very late. But do we want to leave? No. Yet, it becomes easier to leave this garden when we dream of the future ones waiting to welcome us.”


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