21 November


A Blend of Natural Textures

We would like to share with you the Emirgan garden. The pictures were taken in the summer of 2012 and published in the Ev Bahçe Magazine.


A Blend of Natural Textures
“Stones, traverses and evergreen plants. There is no room for anything unnatural in this garden!”

“Close your eyes and imagine: You walk along aged trees. Evergreen plants are dancing around you. The design is simple and calm. No complicity of colors attracting your attention. Shades of green calms as well as energizes you. Today, we are exactly in this dream garden you imagined. A garden in a private estate within the Emirgan woods of İstanbul. A garden flooding with greens. We meet landscape architect Nilüfer Şentürk Temel, the founder of Lotus Landscape Planning, the company that designed and realized the garden.”

Green for four seasons

The use of evergreen plants creates a peaceful feeling in the garden.




“The design plans were finalized in September of 2011 and application began this year in February. From there, it took about a month for this beautiful garden to emerge. Landscape Architect Nilüfer Şentürk Temel talks about the changes she made in the garden: ‘Parallel to the changes in the entrance of the house, different levels were created in the garden and major changes in the entrance section were realized. The entrance to the house was leveled down and flat levels were created in the previously sloping garden area.’ She emphasizes the use of evergreen and formal plants at the request of the owner. The building has a welcoming and unique style. We reach the entrance by walking down from wide stairs. Around the stairs we have pittosporum, juniper and vinca species. Ms. Nilüfer says ‘The characteristic feature of these plants is that they are grippers. This is important in sloping terrain. Their evergreen feature also makes the garden look alive and well kept all year round.’ As the estate rests in the woods, the already present tall and aged trees are preserved in the design. This means large shaded areas in the garden, which leads to the choice of shade-loving plantation. Ceramic materials with 90×60 dimensions are used in the hard floors of the stairs in the entrance. Railway traverse is used in the other flights of stairs connecting different levels within the garden. A special arrangement of fossil rocks is used to heighten and emphasize the entrance. The rocks –each weighing about 5 tones- were carried into the garden with special mechanisms. This not only creates a beautiful view but also serves as sustaining wall for the earth.”



“Shade-tolerant, dark green plants like laurel and prunus laurocerasus are used in the border sections. Grippers like juniper and pittosporum are used in sloping areas. The wide grass field in the middle of the garden gives a fresh feeling. The narrow space in front of the living room window is filled with cryptomerias. A stone horse head statue within the plantation emphasizes this part of the garden. There is a joyful little corner with loungers here, too, with a nice view of the stairs and the general landscape. We keep on exploring. There is a large wooden table within the seating area. Cornus alba sibirica stand here like living sculptures with their red branches in the winter.”



“A vertical garden stands along the wall next to the entrance. This brings life to the area full of stones and rocks. This is realized in the space between the dining area and the background of the seating area. The vertical garden creates a living painting effect with its natural look. Ms. Nilüfer emphasizes the importance of the maintenance of the vertical garden, which is created through a special technique of piecing together different shades of green plants. The use of Sempervivum, Ophiopogon, Japonicus, Hebe buchananii and Sedum dasyphyllum in the vertical garden strengthens the modern side of the design. Another peculiarity catches our eyes at this point. The sideboard placed within the vertical garden is decorative as well as functional. The texture of the furniture used in the garden is of wood and metal, adding to the modern influence. Simple accessories are used. The large candles fit the color of the sofa suit. The tall magnolia tree next to the seating area presents a nice view for the guests with its white flowers. Every corner of this simple and interesting garden makes you realize the redundancy of excess.”


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